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Wall Street Journal : Apple is testing 8.0” iPad

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Apple iPad is testing 8.0'' tablet

When the Apple iPad 1 was selling hot,there were people talking that the Apple would not just produce 9.7” iPad.However without any reliable news to confirm.Now,a report from Wall Street Journal said that Apple was testing a smaller size iPad with suppliers.Eventhough,Steve Jobs stated that Apple would not consider the smaller size tablets before he past away.But at the moment,Cook refers the helm of Apple.

According to the news from Wall Street Journal,the smaller size iPad would be 8.0 inch,which is 1024*768px like the iPad 2.We can tell that Apple will create smaller size tablets,which could be 7” or 8”.But the using experience is still unknown after the product comes out.And we still do not know if it will be mass-produced and put into the market.

Apple iPad is testing 8.0'' tablet

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