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Fix the problem with a too low Adobe Flash Player and can not watch YouTube videos

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YouTube for Android tablets

Some users may have Android 2.1,Android 2.2 or Android 2.3 tablet PCs,but with a Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or lower version.And those tablets can not upgrade to Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher version when you try to install.With the low flash version,you open the browser to directly go to to watch videos,it may stop working or the display stuck all the time.

In those cases,we share this YouTube app v1.6.21 version.With this app,you can usually watch the YouTube videos smoothly.If you have the problem with too low flash and can not watch youtube directly,you can have a try.

Note:If your tablet has a Flash 11 or higher version,usually,you can directly watch YouTube videos by visitiing!

Click YouTube_1.6.21.apk to download now.

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