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Onda official Android 2.3 4.0 firmware for 7” vx610w luxury version

[ Firmware ]

Onda vx610w luxury firmware

Latest official Android 2.3/4.0 firmware for Onda vx610w luxury version.

Note:There are v1,v5 versions in the market.Please check the 10th and 11th SN number to find out the version.


i).Android 4.0.3 v0.6 firmware for Onda vx610w luxury v5 version.

What’s new:

This is a default OS for v5 version.

Click VX610WP_V5_v0.6.rar to download now.


ii).Android 4.0.3 v0.5 firmware for Onda vx610w luxury v1 version.

What’s new:

1).Upgrade the operation system to latest Android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich;

2).Add functions of adding external 3G dongle and RJ45 ethernet;

3).Pre-installed the latest driver NAND FLASH V2.0 for A10.The read speed up to 13MB/s;

4).Optimized GPU display performance;

Click VX610WP_Android4.0.3_v0.5.rar to download now.


iii).Android 2.3 v2.0.5 firmware for Onda vx610w luxury v1 version.

What’s new:

1).Improve the ROM space to 1GB from 512MB;

2).Add more 3G dongles support;

3).Pre-installed app “Onda market”;

4).Pre-installed app “QQ game”;

5).Pre-installed app “Google Android Market”;

6).Optimized local video and online video play;

7).Improve stability of RJ45 ethernet internet;

8).Add more formats of external hard drive;

9).Add suport of IDX+SUB video subtitle;

10).Improve performance of camera;

11).Improve response of capacitive touch screen;

Click VX610WP_v2.0.5_1G.rar to download now.

Before you do any firmware-install,please make sure your device is fully charged!

If you have any doubt about the firmware,don't hesitate to leave us a comment!'

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