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Lots of bug fixed the official Android 2.2 firmware for SmartQ G7 GPS tablet pc

[ Firmware ]

7.0'' SmartQ G7 seven professional GPS tablet pc android 2.2 froyo official firmware

SmartQ G7 is a professional GPS Android 2.2 froyo tablet pc.It has a 7.0” 1024*600 HD capacitive touch screen.With cortex-A9 CPU.

1).Add SmartScale function.It can change to virtual 800*480px display in order to be compatible with more games and applications;

2).Add brand new 3g connection manager and would support more 3g dongles;

3).Add RJ45 ethernet internet function and PTL8150,DM9601 USB to RJ45 support;

4).Upgrade and add more pre-installed applications;

5).Add connecting to mobile phone hot spots AD-HOC internet support;

6).Add SmartStation support;


8).Fixed issue of needing to double click play agian after pause a song;

9).Fixed blank screen when change from sleep mode to wake mode;
How to upgrade:

1).Download the firmware and extract.Copy the folder “SmartQG7” into FAT32 TF/micro-SD card;

2).Turn off the tablet and put the TF card into the tablet.Press “Volume -” button,at the same time,press “Power” button until you see the upgrade words in the screen;

3).Tablet will auto-restart after finished;

Click to download now.

Before you do any firmware-install,please make sure your device is fully charged!

If you have any doubt about the firmware,don't hesitate to leave us a comment!'

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