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HTC would release Windows 8 Tablet Computer?

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HTC Windows 8 Tablet computerWith the presure from Sasung, Google, Apple etc manufacturers, this year for HTC is very hard. In the last quater, HTC only released one mobile phone. Acoording to the research from NPD DisplaySearch, HTC is currently developing a 10.1 inch tablet computer and wants to publish in the 2nd quater this year.

NPD also explained that this tablet pc would run Windows 8 operating system with 1920*1080 pixel 1080P FULL HD display, which would be provided by LG. The HTC or Microsoft has not given any explaination on this yet.

In 2011, HTC published couple Android tablets before: 7” HTC Flyer, HTC Scrible and 10.1 inch tablet HTC Jetstream. However, if HTC can catch up the competitive market is still awaiting to test!

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