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Over 195 Million Tablets Sold Worldwide, Android Surpassed Apple

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Android tablets

According to the latest report from Gartner, there were 195,400,000 tablet computers sold in 2013 around the world, which is 68% increased compared with last year. What’s more, Android firstly surpassed Apple and became the leading operating system for tablet devices. Android shared 62% percent for the sales, which is about 120,900,000 pieces, while IOS droped to 36%, which is about 70,400,000 pieces.

Gartner said that it was maily the low-end and small size tablets boosting the big increase of selling tablets in 2013. In the last year, the market of IOS has dropped 16.8%. That is becaused the quality control is getting better for many other Android tablets providers. But to compare by manufacturers, Apple is still the number one seller, which has 36% market share. The Samsung is after Apple, which is 19.1%. While ASUS is the number 3 which has 5.6% market share.

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