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Burn Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for 9 inch Allwinner A13 Tablet PC

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9 inch Allwinner A13 Tablet Android 4.2 Jelly Bean firmware

9 inch A13 tablet uses Allwinner A13 CPU. This is a user guider to burn the Android 4.2 jelly bean system.

Pictures are for reference only


1).To download the files from vmall website, please click the first blue button;

How to upgrade:

1).Download the upgrade tool – Phoenix Suit v1.0.6,

2).Now download the firmware (9in A13 Android 4.2.2)and extract to desktop in your computer and click the Image button in the software to locate to the desktop and find the firmware .img file;

3).Make sure the tablet is off and does not connect to the computer. Then holding the Volume – button, do not release. Then connect the tablet with the computer. Now click 3 Times of the power on button. You should hear some noise now from computer of new device connecting the computer, now you can release the Home button or Volume button. Note: if your tablet is auto turned on during this step, that means you have pressed the wrong button or does not do correctly, please try again!;

4).The computer would start to install the driver for the tablet, if it does not install successfully, please install the driver manually. After the tablet’s driver installed, the Phoenix Suit would pop up a window, then choose YES, and another window choose YES again;

5).Do not touch the tablet and wait until the firmware is fully installed successfuly;

After that, you can now turn the tablet on. Some tablets would change back to default Chinese language. Please find the settings icon and click. Find the language settings menu, which usually starts with letter A and click. Then choose the right first line, it will show all languages available to choose from!

Different tablets might have different settings icon, but all of them are quit similar after click!

Before you do any firmware-install,please make sure your device is fully charged!

If you have any doubt about the firmware,don't hesitate to leave us a comment!'

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  • M.Kirryakov said :    Reply

    I followed instructions and everything proceed well but touch screen now is mirrored (when I swipe in down left corner, then upper right corner is touched)

    on 2015-2-24 pm 21:24
    • admin said :   

      Dear M.Kirryakov, sorry for the inconvenience caused. That would be caused by a wrong firmware was installed! Please check with your provider for solution. Best regards!

      on 2015-4-24 pm 16:50

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