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10” Zenithink ZT180-Z102(512MB+4GB) Android 2.2 EPAD 20110926 Firmware

[ Firmware ]

10” ZT180-102 (512MB+4GB) Android 2.2+F es8388 EPAD 20110926 Firmware

How to install the firmware?

1).Using a TF card(a 2gb or less would be better) and create a folder “zt-update” in the root of the TF card;

2).Download the firmware and extract,then put into the folder zt-update;

3).Turn off the tablet and put the TF card into the tablet.Press “ESC” button(the big one in front),at the same time,press “Power On” untill you see update;

4).Have a look the words in the screen and make sure no errors.The tablet would restart after finished;

Click android_2.2_512_4GB_10_0808_ES8388_3V.rar to download now.

Before you do any firmware-install,please make sure your device is fully charged!

If you have any doubt about the firmware,don't hesitate to leave us a comment!'

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  • Gianluca said :    Reply

    I live in Siena – Italy – and I can not find the TF card to be inserted into ePad.
    Can you recommend a brand and / or model TF card and where can I buy it?
    I tried with a micro SD but does not meet neither the thickness nor the width


    on 2013-2-28 pm 18:31
    • admin said :   

      Dear Gianluca. All micro-SD/TF card slot only has one standard. You may take a picture for us to have a look. There lots of micro-SD/TF card brands available,such as Kingston,Sandisk,Samsung. Best Regards!

      on 2013-3-1 am 09:41

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