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About Us

Tablet Firmware ( was built to provide free information,especially firmware and Apps,for tablet PCs,i.e. Android,Windows,Apple Ipad tablets,online.We are dedicated to collect and share the latest and authoritative firmware to keep your tablet PCs up to date.You can also ask and discuss technical issues of tablet PCs freely here.For some of the questions you may have,we would try our best to give you professional techincal support.

All information would be carefully checked to make sure they are as described and 100% secure to download before posted.Most of the content are collected from the internet and manufacturers,you must use/edit them without any commercial purpose.The right of final interpretation is belong to

To re-install the firmware or install a older or newer firmware would help you fix some or all of the problems you have in your tablet PCs or give more convenient features to your tablet PCs.Allthough we would install the firmware successfully in most cases,it may also contain risks to do these.The risks include the possibility that 1).the downgrade/upgrade would worsen the product(s);2)new hardware would not compatible with the other pieces of hardware in a system;3)the new version (or patch) will contain a bug,which would cause the program malfunction in some way or not to function at all.And so on!We or any other manufacturers would not able to control all these risks.You must agree to at your own risk by using the service from

What's more,the following tips to do a firmware-install are highly recommended to read:
1).Make sure your device is fully charged before doing any recovery or update;
2).Make sure your device model is matched the firmware version;
3).Make sure you have read the user manual properly;
4).If you have any doubt to install firmware,don't hesitate to ask for help or ask any friends know it;

Thanks to the convenient internet,we can access to lots of helpful resources.To make it even more convenient,let's start to share something today!

  • Victor said :    Reply

    I have a ‘Lafayette Mif Smart 7 Inch tablet’ wity processor type arm 600, Nade in Taiwan, which is not booting. Any idea where I can obtain its firmware and the mode to flash it please, will be greatly appreciated

    on 2014-1-7 pm 22:24
    • admin said :   

      Dear Victor, with the information you provided, we are unable to detect the tablet you have. We would suggest your seller for help. Best regards!

      on 2014-4-16 am 10:28
  • ahmad khan said :    Reply

    i have symphony k929 tablet. i need its firmware

    on 2014-3-13 pm 17:51
    • admin said :   

      DEar Ahmad, we need more information. We can not detect which tablet you have with name K929. Best regards!

      on 2014-4-16 am 10:26

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