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HTC would release Windows 8 Tablet Computer?

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With the presure from Sasung, Google, Apple etc manufacturers, this year for HTC is very hard. In the last quater, HTC only released one mobile phone. Acoording to the research from NPD DisplaySearch, HTC is currently developing a 10.1 inch tablet computer and wants to publish in the 2nd quater this year. NPD also explained that this tablet pc would run Windows 8 operating system with 1920*1080 pixel 1080P FULL HD display, which would be provided by LG. The HTC or Microsoft has not given an……
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Nokia Lumia Expresso Windows 8 tablet

Nokia concept Windows 8 tablet PC Lumia Expresso Windows8

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Recently, provide another version of Nokia concept tablet--Nokia Lumia Expresso Windows8 tablet PC,which was designed by Tris clark.The Exterior is also very beatiful! Following the success of Nokia Lumia series smart phones and puting their elements into the tablet PCs is a natural thing for Nokia.10.1'' AMOLED touch screen with up to 1280*800 pixel resolution.And comes with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM.32/64/128GB optional internal hard drive.A 2.0 mega pixel f……
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Windows 8 logo

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 new logo,it’s metro style

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Recently,Apple's market value finally beyonded the total of Microsoft and Google.While,these days,Windows 8 new logo was leaked on the internet.Today,Microsoft confirmed that the previouse square blue logo was the Windows 8 official logo.The old Windows xp etc logos are more like flags. Microsoft's new logo was acutually designed to fit the concerpt of Metro interface.Some people like this new logo,but some do not and think it's quit ugly.Metro interface of WP7 is still in its infancy w……
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viewsonic windows 8 tablet

ViewSonic is going to release Windows 8 Tablet in 2Q12 target at the Taiwan market

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There's crazy talk going on over at DigiTimes,as Max Liu, product marketing director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific,claims the company plans to launch a Windows 8-based tablet in the Taiwan market during the second quarter of 2012.That means a 10-inch tablet sporting Windows 8 will be launched sometime between April and June, and before Microsoft actually launches the new OS worldwide. What's likely to happen--and this is just speculation--is that ViewSonic will release a tablet with Windows 8 C……
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Android 5.0 Belly Jean

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is going to realease and will dual-boot on Windows 8 devices

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With many users still have not played with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet,a report has claimed that Google will launch Android 5.0, also known as Jelly Bean, in Q2 2012 at Google's annual I/O event. The news comes via online-rumour-monger DigiTimes, which reports that Google will unveil Android Jelly Bean at its annual Google I/O 2012 event. 'Android 5.0 will be further optimized for tablet PCs,' claims DigiTimes' source, 'while Google will also integrate its Chrome system functions ……
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