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Over 195 Million Tablets Sold Worldwide, Android Surpassed Apple

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According to the latest report from Gartner, there were 195,400,000 tablet computers sold in 2013 around the world, which is 68% increased compared with last year. What's more, Android firstly surpassed Apple and became the leading operating system for tablet devices. Android shared 62% percent for the sales, which is about 120,900,000 pieces, while IOS droped to 36%, which is about 70,400,000 pieces. Gartner said that it was maily the low-end and small size tablets boosting the big inc……
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Windows 8 logo

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 new logo,it’s metro style

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Recently,Apple's market value finally beyonded the total of Microsoft and Google.While,these days,Windows 8 new logo was leaked on the internet.Today,Microsoft confirmed that the previouse square blue logo was the Windows 8 official logo.The old Windows xp etc logos are more like flags. Microsoft's new logo was acutually designed to fit the concerpt of Metro interface.Some people like this new logo,but some do not and think it's quit ugly.Metro interface of WP7 is still in its infancy w……
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Apple 8.0'' iPad

Wall Street Journal : Apple is testing 8.0” iPad

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When the Apple iPad 1 was selling hot,there were people talking that the Apple would not just produce 9.7'' iPad.However without any reliable news to confirm.Now,a report from Wall Street Journal said that Apple was testing a smaller size iPad with suppliers.Eventhough,Steve Jobs stated that Apple would not consider the smaller size tablets before he past away.But at the moment,Cook refers the helm of Apple. According to the news from Wall Street Journal,the smaller size iPad would be 8……
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