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Ramos X10 mini Pad

Beautiful Girl Plays with Ramos X10 mini Pad Review

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Ramos X10 mini Pad is a new released Android tablet computer. It has a 7.85 inch IPS display, which is 1024*768 pixel high deifnition. The response and color reproduction of the display are quit good. And this tablet's design is very similar Apple iPad mini, but got much better price and using Google Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system. While what we want to mention is the thickness of this mini Pad is 8.8mm only! And the back cover is Aluminum alloy metallic material! Its CPU is Qu……
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Compete with Nexus 7 – the Ramos mini Pad

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Now it's times for tablet computers to upgrade to Quad-Core CPU from dual-core cpu. Many manufacturers have started to update the chipsets in the tablets. However, most of them would only change the chipsets but without update the appearance with the same model. Ramos is one of the difference, there was a new exposure product named "mini Pad". It looks quit fresh and beautiful.   After Apple released the iPad mini, it brings us new trend of small size display tablets. Especi……
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