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zenithink z102 GPS 10 inch wifi 3g tablet pc

10” GPS tablet pc Zenithink Z102 official Android 4.0 & Android 2.3 firmware

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Zenithink Z102 is a 10'' resistive GPS tablet pc,which has the same apperance like the Flytouch 3/SuperPad II,Flytouch 6/SuperPad VI,with 1.0GHz Cortex-A9 CPU insider and support WiFi 3G as well. Note:There are two versions Zenithink Z102 in the market.To find out the version,please find the paper on the tablet and check the SN number.If you can see XXX2NXXX(2n version) or XXX3MXXX(3m version). When you update your tablet's firmware,if you use wrong version(Camera can not display ima……
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zenithink zt-180 epad

10” Zenithink ZT180-Z102(512MB+4GB) Android 2.2 EPAD 20110926 Firmware

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10'' ZT180-102 (512MB+4GB) Android 2.2+F es8388 EPAD 20110926 Firmware How to install the firmware? 1).Using a TF card(a 2gb or less would be better) and create a folder "zt-update" in the root of the TF card; 2).Download the firmware and extract,then put into the folder zt-update; 3).Turn off the tablet and put the TF card into the tablet.Press "ESC" button(the big one in front),at the same time,press "Power On" untill you see update; 4).Have a look the words in the screen ……
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