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Windows 8 logo

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 new logo,it’s metro style

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Recently,Apple's market value finally beyonded the total of Microsoft and Google.While,these days,Windows 8 new logo was leaked on the internet.Today,Microsoft confirmed that the previouse square blue logo was the Windows 8 official logo.The old Windows xp etc logos are more like flags. Microsoft's new logo was acutually designed to fit the concerpt of Metro interface.Some people like this new logo,but some do not and think it's quit ugly.Metro interface of WP7 is still in its infancy w……
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documents to go for android

Documents To Go office app v3.004(1233) for Android devices no key required

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The Documents To Go is one of the most powerful office application for Android devices. The application allows you to view,edit and create Microsoft Word(.doc),Excel(.xls) and Powerpoint(.ppt) files as well as view Adobe PDF files and attachments! Easily open,star,sort,sync,send and delete files on your memory card with our built-in file browser and quickly access your recently used documenta via our "Live Folder". Note:This version we share today was v3.004(1233) paid version(no ……
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