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EUR 339.99+ Price: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 started selling in Europe

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After the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Android tablet, it was already treated as one of the strongest competitor of Apple iPad mini. But it's already about one month now from the day Samsung said release of the Galaxy Note 8.0. Recently got the information that it now officially started to sell in United Kingdom. This time only WiFi edition, and the price would start at Euro 339.99. This price is actually a little bit too expensive compared with many other Android tablets in Tablets W……
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Samsung will release 10” FULL HD Amoled Tablet to Compete with iPad

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Just couple of days ago, SamMobile said that Samsung would release a 8.0'' Full HD Android tablet to compete with the iPad mini 2. While, now it said it would release another 10'' Full HD tablet computer as well and this tablet would use the AMOLED display from Samsung. This is a kind of tablet to compete with iPad and Sony Xperia Z those big display tablet computers. From the information, the 10'' Android tablet going to release would not only use Amoled display, but also may use the Exyno……
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