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Compete with Nexus 7 – the Ramos mini Pad

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Now it's times for tablet computers to upgrade to Quad-Core CPU from dual-core cpu. Many manufacturers have started to update the chipsets in the tablets. However, most of them would only change the chipsets but without update the appearance with the same model. Ramos is one of the difference, there was a new exposure product named "mini Pad". It looks quit fresh and beautiful.   After Apple released the iPad mini, it brings us new trend of small size display tablets. Especi……
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ramos pt w16 google android 4.0 ics tablet mid

Ramos Pt W16 8.0” Google Android 4.0 ICS tablet PC real shots

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Ramos Pt W16 is also a 8.0'' 1024*768 pixel HD touch screen,which is same with the Ramos Fancy W13,supports 5-point-touch,tablet PC.It uses AML8726-M3 1GHz CPU and 1GB DDR3 RAM.Preloaded with Android 4.0 ICS OS.Ramos W16 also has dual cameras design:front 0.3MP and back 2.0MP.Supporting WiFi,g-sensor,OTG,HDMI and so on. Ramos Pt W16 uses flat screen as well like the W13.But the shell of W16 is not metal,it's hybrid material of glass fiber and have lighter and stronger features.Its price……
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Nokia Lumia Expresso Windows 8 tablet

Nokia concept Windows 8 tablet PC Lumia Expresso Windows8

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Recently, provide another version of Nokia concept tablet--Nokia Lumia Expresso Windows8 tablet PC,which was designed by Tris clark.The Exterior is also very beatiful! Following the success of Nokia Lumia series smart phones and puting their elements into the tablet PCs is a natural thing for Nokia.10.1'' AMOLED touch screen with up to 1280*800 pixel resolution.And comes with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and 2GB DDR3 RAM.32/64/128GB optional internal hard drive.A 2.0 mega pixel f……
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Ramos Fancy W13 android 4.0 ics 8'' tablet

8.0” HD Ramos Fancy W13 Android 4.0 ICS Tablet PC REAL SHOTS

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Ramos Fancy series,the Fancy W13,is now available to order from $229.00 with gifts. This 8.0'' 1024*768px high-defination tablet uses Jingchen Cortex-A9 Amlogic8726-M3 1GHz CPU and has 512MB DDR3 RAM insider with the latest Android 4.0 ics operation system.What's more,Fancy W13 has dual cameras design and g-sensor.The expansion porst are also richful.While,the W13's touch screen is flat and stronger by using tempered glass screen outside.Its back with leather paint ……
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Windows 8 logo

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 new logo,it’s metro style

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Recently,Apple's market value finally beyonded the total of Microsoft and Google.While,these days,Windows 8 new logo was leaked on the internet.Today,Microsoft confirmed that the previouse square blue logo was the Windows 8 official logo.The old Windows xp etc logos are more like flags. Microsoft's new logo was acutually designed to fit the concerpt of Metro interface.Some people like this new logo,but some do not and think it's quit ugly.Metro interface of WP7 is still in its infancy w……
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Huawei new MediaPad 10 FHD tablet pc will debut in MWC

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After Huawei MediaPad tablet,which supports AT&T 4G network,released in America market.Yu Chengdong,Huawei's chief marketing officer and chairman of the terminal,broke the news in Weibo said that Huawei would publish the most powerful high-end tablet "MediaPad 10 FHD" in the coming MWC,its performance can be better than iPad 3. From the model,we can guess this tablet would be 10.0 inch.FHD can be explained as Full HD.The resolution is up to 1920*1200 pixel.While the CPU would use Te……
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